The Billm Mods in Detail

The Billm Mods came about because I recognized that there was a great amp lurking inside a good amp. The pages below provide technical information on the mods, as well as some things you can do yourself. Not all of the mods are described here yet; you may have to check my old site for further information.


  1. Rich says:

    Hi Bill,

    I did a bunch of mods (Standby switch, Cream Board Basic Kit, TO22 Watt Heyboer output transformer, Presence control, High-voltage preamp, Sparkle control, Stereo footswitch jack, Clean Boost module,) earlier this year and my amp sounds so good. When I play out with it, my band mates are shocked when they first hear how loud it can get and how good it sounds. I even use it for my Gibson and Taylor acoustic guitars (volume setup fully clean of course) and it sounds beautiful.

    I especially like the auxiliary jack. I sometimes connect the BJ to a cabinet with 2 Celestion G12 Marshall Vintage 30MF 16 ohm speakers. The cabinet is wired with switchable mono (8 ohm) and stereo (32 ohm) inputs. It really sounds good with the cabinet. When I use the cab, I plug it into the main output and I plug the blues jr. speaker into the aux output. I’d like to use the BJ as a monitor and use the cab as my main output, but I can’t control main and aux volumes independently. If I have the BJ at my feet pointing at me as a monitor, I run the risk of feedback with it turned up.

    Have you given any thought to independent volume control for the two outputs so the amp can be used as a monitor for the main out to a cabinet? Is it even possible? The versatility of this amp never ceases to amaze me and it would really be a nice feature with the aux output.


    Rich Bumar

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