Twin-Like Clean Tone: TwinStack Mod

One of the easiest mods you can do your Blues Junior is to convert the tone stack from standard operation to Twin-style operation. Here’s the deal: The Twin is renowned for its bell-like clean tone. Part of that is having enormous power and headroom on tap, but the way the tone stack is wired contributes to the bright, Twin clarity. In the Twin, you can turn the bass, middle, and treble to 1, and get no sound out of the amp–all frequencies are cut off.

The Blackface tone stack, by comparison, started out with just treble and bass–and a fixed mids resistor. No matter how much you reduced the bass and treble, some mid-frequencies are always present. The Hot Rod series of amps, of which the Blues Junior is a member, added a mids control, but in a nod to earlier Blackface amps such as the Deluxe Reverb and Princeton Reverb, turning the mids control to 1 still left a basic amount of mids in the mix.

The surprising thing is how bassy the leftover mids are and how much they can muddy up your tone. Fortunately, it’s incredibly easy to modify the Blues Junior tone stack to work like the Twin’s. The reward is greater tonal flexibility and cleaner, brighter cleans and more interesting distortion tones. Of course, this works best with the tone stack mod, replacing the wimpy values in the Blues Junior stack with premium capacitors that give more solid bass–and mids.

This mod gives you all of your stock Blues Junior mids tones from about 4 and up on the control and fewer mids, down to none, from 4 and down to 1. It opens up the possibility of an ultra-scooped tone, with just treble and bass, as well as bass-only overdrive, which can be very effective by eliminating middle and high harmonics.

Don’t get me wrong–the Twin is still the King of Clean and no 15 watt amp can pretend to be something it’s not. But this mod is dead easy and opens up some very nice tone possibilities. It’s a popular mod on the Blues Deluxe, Hot Rod Deluxe and Deville, for the same reason. So try it!

All you have to do is connect the left and middle (looking from the back) terminals of the mids control together. This allows the mids control to fully ground out the middle frequencies. You can bend a short piece of wire and stick it into the eyelets in the back of the control. You don’t even need insulation. A piece of bare wire will do fine.

You must, however, make sure that the jumper wire is not longer than the eyelets’ depth, otherwise it could short against the metal portion of the control, which would remove all of the mids. You must also take care not to overheat the control. Use a deft touch with the iron–just enough to melt the solder and fuse to both the wire and the eyelet.

This mod is shown on a cream board, but it works equally well with the green board Blues Junior.


Just to restate one of the points above, the TwinStack will give you a noticeable improvement on any Blues Junior, but the tone stack mod brings out the best by providing more available bass and mids. With more mids on tap from the tone stack, you have more available when the control is wide open, down to zero when the control is at 1. So you improve on the stock tones at both ends.

When we do this mod in the shop, we bridge the center and left mids pot terminals on the back of the board. If you’re going to be pulling the board to install other mods, plan on doing it from the back; it’s faster and easier.

Here’s how: First, start with a short scrap of wire that bridges the two left pins of the mids pot. A thicker clipping from the tone caps or power supply stiffening caps is perfect.


Next, apply heat from your soldering iron to the middle of the wire. Add a little bit of solder if necessary to help the melt.


All done:



  1. Dave says:

    I can see the “offenders” on ebay selling the twin stack mod kit and when unsuspecting people buy it all they will get is a little piece of wire and instructions for $15. + $3. s/h . LOL


  2. Trey Pitchford says:

    Have you done this mod to any other controls? If so what’s the out come

    • bill says:

      The TwinStack jumper is not a magic fix that works on other controls in some generic way. It’s specific to the mids control and changes its operation from a potentiometer to a variable resistor. It’s not appropriate for any of the other controls.

  3. marsholie says:

    would be be ok to put a switch so i can go back and forth if i wanted to?

    • bill says:

      There’s no point to making the TwinStack switchable. The tone stack mod gives you more mids overall, and the TwinStack mod gives you the ability to remove all of them. So you create a larger range of adjustment — from none to more than stock — than you had before.

  4. Vin Scag says:

    I was very pleased at how easy this mod was to do, especially for an amateur like myself.
    The dialability/sound is great.
    I got too excited with it and opened the back of my ’06 Hot Rod Deluxe to do the mod there.
    The C6 is right in front of the terminals on the mid and I don’t imagine it can be done at
    this side of the PCB.
    I imagine this mod should be done by a good tech who would remove the board to do it on the
    other side.
    (a man’s got to know his limitations!)

  5. frank swindells says:


    Thats interesting reading

    If I get my amp tec to do this on my blues junior will I have the twin sound and also the stock sound available



    • bill says:

      If you do the TwinStack mod, it works best with the tone stack mod and power supply stiffening provided in the basic mods kit. It gives you a very broad adjustment range, from less-than-stock mids and that Twin-like clean tone to more bass and mids.

  6. Jonathan says:

    I got a little confused when I was doing this one…I have a 2003 cream board, but the mid pot doesn’t have any pins to solder together, only eyelets. I did the solder connection on the green back, but do I need to do both?



    • bill says:

      If you installed a jumper on the green side of the circuit board, there’s no reason to connect the eyelets together. It’s two ways of doing the same thing.

  7. frank swindells says:

    Hi Bill

    When I bought my blues junior, last month I played it next to a new Princeton. I prefered the blues junior & half the price! Im interested in the mods but dont want to lose the sound of the amp, just to give the possbilities of extra sounds when I want them. Is that what will happen with the mods?

    Thank for for your reply on 1’st July

    Frank Swindells

    • bill says:

      Most people will agree that the modded amp sounds like a Blues Junior, but the best darn Blues Junior you ever heard. That’s always been my goal. I don’t try to change the basic tone, but improve it.

  8. dennis says:

    Which of the mods would most greatly get rid of boxiness?

  9. don b says:

    I was attempting to do the TwinStack mod with PCB removed and I can’t help but notice the board in your picture is differant than mine. I have a 1998 Rev. C Green Board. Should I ignore the picture and connect the two terminals as shown?

    • bill says:

      No matter what board you have, the mids control has three terminals. If you connect the two terminals on the left, closest to the master volume control, you’ve done the TwinStack mod.

  10. walt says:

    will I have to undo this if I install the presence control mod?

  11. balde says:

    Hello bill,
    I have a DRRI amp. I modded mine with some features….
    one of the mods, was the inclusion of a mid pot instead of the fixed 6.8 k resistor. I replaced that with a 25k mid pot. my question is, if i turn the pot all the way counter clockwise (minimum position) am i cutting all midrange freq like thw twin mod or am i leaving some??
    thank u very much for your concern

    • bill says:

      To make the TwinStack mod work, you have to connect the wiper of the mids pot to the side of the mids pot that connects to the bass pot. This allows the mids pot to be bypassed completely for super-scooped tone. It also shuts off all sound when all three tone controls are turned all the way down.

  12. Steve Austin says:

    Hi Bill,
    Just thought I would update progress on my BJ’r. I did the tone stack mod, adjustable bias, power supply stiffening, twin stack mod and changed the volume control to an audio taper. The difference in sound was better but still did not make the amp gig worthy as the sound just kind of disappeared among the other guys, especially the drummer. Then I tried one more thing. I switched out the stock Groove Tube power tubes for 2 Mullard EL 84’s and what a difference! That one mod got rid of the the mushy tone completely and together with your mods, this amp has become one of the best small club amps I’ve ever played through, outside of a Princeton of course. The tone can go from crystal clear with my Strat to down and dirty Skynyrd type harmonics with my Les Paul. Of course it has excellent highs and, with the Mullards, some pretty decent lows now. In most clubs I never have to go above 3 and if I do watch out for your ear drums. It does start to distort around 4. Any effects can be achieved through my pedals. The only thing that might improve the amp at this point would be some 6L6 output tubes like the Princeton. But then if I did that and changed out the speaker I guess it would cost about the same as a real Princeton, cost wise. For no more money than I have in this amp though (I bought it used) it sounds great and solves the issue of weight when carrying it to a gig. I’ve also recorded with it and it does a superb job there as well. Thanks for the help.

  13. Tom Jordan says:


    Got the parts today, did the work and just finished “test driving” the Blues Jr. You’re right, the mod opens up the tone of this amp fantasically! It went from that tone that some call boxy or muffled (to me, it made my Tele sound like a Strat in switch position 2 or 4) and has really opened up. Plenty of bass and the power to project it but most importantly the ability to adjust the tone for a wide range of choices.

    My motovation for doing this mod was to be able to play my pedal steel through it for my solo/midi and coffee shop type gigs. Before the mod, the mids were untamed and I wasn’t able to get a useable steel tone (E9 tuning and 18.5k single coil pickup). I put the BJ and steel through the test this morning and was pleasantly suprized! It sounds like a mini twin reverb. High end sparkle, sufficient bass and most importantly control of the mids from none to plenty.

    I will have no trouble using this for steel/Tele on my small gigs and for a “no hum” recording rig. I don’t think I could use it for a steel gig with a drummer (maybe brushes though or miked…depends on the drummer) but for sure with my Tele. This Blues Jr is now a very useable and just the ticket for those “in and out” light-duty gigs.

    My voltages for plates (11.74) and bias (2.42) came out just as you suggested and the mod was a fun way to spend the evening. Your instructions were very detailed and easy to follow.

    This thing sounds like a Fender,


  14. Rock Mumbles says:

    A friend and I just did the tonestack capacitor mods and the twin-stack jumper mod to a newer Blues Junior. The owner liked the amp because of size and weight but thought it could be more like a “Fender” amp. He was thinking about buying a new speaker, and I’d read quite a bit about Blues Junior’s needing a new speaker, so that was my first inclination, but then I remembered reading about your tone stack mods. To make a long(er) story short(er), the combination of the tonestack and twin-stack mods made the amp sound like it was an entirely new amplifier, it sounds like a real “Fender” amp now!

  15. BlueSimon says:

    I’m a blues harp player in China.Last year I bought a NOS Blues Junior from the States.It’s really hard for me to fight with the feedback in gigs.Does this mod help to eliminate feedback?Thanks.

    Best Regards

    • bill says:

      Some harp players say they get better headroom before feedback with the Twinstack because it makes the tone controls less interactive and they can pull out more mids. I think that the best solution for harp is a 10-band graphic equalizer pedal. With it, you can pull down the main feedback frequency and leave the rest of your tone intact. More bands equal more precision, but then you’d need a piece of rack equipment, not a pedal.

  16. todd huber says:

    Bill,I did your twin stock mod today,my junior sounds really good cant wait to do your basic mods.I want to do a twin stock mod on my hotrod deluxe.Is there anything i need to know about flipping the circuit board to get at it.I assume every thing else is similiar to working on blues junior.Or is there a site as good as yours with illustrations.I am new to all of this.Thanx for your help. Todd

    • bill says:

      Unfortunately, the only good Hot Rod Deluxe site disappeared a few months back and its former host (Eastern Kentucky University) blocks access via So you’re on your own with the HRDx.

  17. Mr_Wormwood says:

    I did the twin stack mod, and did not notice much difference. I was careful to make the wire only go barely into the pot’s holes and was also mindful of overheating of the pot. Is it possible that I did it wrong, or is it more likely that the difference is subtle to my ear? I guess what I really mean is if I did do something wrong, would there be a symptom that would be so overt that I could not miss it such as amp simply does not work or explodes or something?

    The mids pot does still function (if it’s on one and I turn it to 11 I can hear a subtle change in tone) and I am sure that I put the wire in the correct holes.

    I have not done any of the other mods yet but plan to, and I am just hoping that the twin stack mod is so subtle because I have not yet replaced the caps with orange drops yet.

    I am very interested in your prices for mods actually done by you as well but when I sent you an email requesting prices a few weeks ago, it was not answered.
    Is there a way to contact you for this or should I just email you again?

    Thanks for all your info, you provide a wonderful cornucopia of information fir Blues Jr owners and we are grateful for your passion for amp modification

    • bill says:

      You can verify the correct operation of the TwinStack by turning off all three tone controls. If you’ve done it right, no sound comes out of the amp. You can then turn up the bass and treble for a super-scooped tone.

  18. Joe says:

    Hi Bill’

    I have a Fennder Blues Jr. (U.S. made) and want to change the 2 tone stack caps. Can I aquire The ‘Orange Drops Caps’ from yourself. If so how much $?

  19. Randy Harper says:

    Wow! You are my BJ hero! I have a Limited Edition which I play a modded Nashville Tele (Duncan Hot Rods) and a PRS Custom 22 on a modern country/southern rock gig and was getting ready to get another amp. After this little mod and a check through my pedal board with both guitars I will keep using this little guy. I have a friends Japanese Mustang and she may not get it back. It sounds very transparent in clean/fat mode.

  20. Ok, just got finished with the twin mod on my blues jr. This amp made me nuts — all I wanted was a clean fender tube amp that did not cost too much. $500.00 was a good price I was so happy in the store but at home and playing with the band it sucked: flab flab flab. so I put in a Texas heat and it was a little better. Then the tubes. If you ask me, GT’s are crap anyway, so I put in some JJs power tubes, electro hamonix pre amp tubes: 12at 12ax 12ay. I do have a little buzz now that I didn’t have before, but I think that’s on me and my work I can fix it so now I have $650.00 amp and it’s sound is great, tone is great.

  21. Alice Buffalo says:


    I did the Twin stack mod and the amp sounds great (no other mods done). I can actually hear differences when I fiddle with the knobs and the highs ring. The amp is much closer to the jazzier sound I’d like, and that old guitar sound like in Little Esther Phillips’ “The Storm.”

    I have noticed, though, that the amp seems quieter with the mod. When I pull the wire out and don’t change any settings, it’s louder. Is this change in volume real or apparent (because everything is clearer with the mod, the amp may only seem quieter)?

    I’ve also noticed that the low end sustains more. I almost can’t play with the fat switch on because the notes just keep going until I dampen them. Why would this happen? (If it makes any difference, I’m using a Heritage H-516 with humbuckers–excellent guitar)


    • bill says:

      When you install the TwinStack jumper, you’re reducing mids, so you are in fact pulling out some of the signal. The amp is a little quieter, but you can add the mids back in again with the mids control. Or you can compensate with more volume or more bass and treble if you want scooped tone. With the jumper in place, you’ve separated the interaction between the mids and bass pots, so you may need to turn the bass down a bit, especially on a green board, so it doesn’t sound too prominent.

  22. david jones says:

    Hey Bill. it seems you nearly always use orange caps .
    what do you think of other types such as SOZO mustard caps … ?

    • bill says:

      I don’t hear a difference. The Orange Drop model I use is film-and-foil construction, like most other premium caps. They’re designed for PCB mounting.

  23. Scott says:

    I tried this mod a couple of weeks ago, and now I can finally stop adjusting the controls constantly and just enjoy playing! This really gave me control over the lower mids which were mushing up the bass sound. This small mod has made me love this amp so much more.

    TIP: don’t let the wire be too long. It only needs to go into the eyelet a little bit before it creates a short. I sound checked it before I soldered to make sure it’s right and I’m glad I did because the first attempt left me with no sound.

  24. rick frost says:

    Hi, will these mods work on an original blues deville? I hate the lead channel going into middle too loud mode.
    Great site you have.

  25. Randy says:

    I want to do most of the mods except for a couple I don’t really need, Is there a particular order I should do them or any that conflict? I have a Jr.thats about 3-4 months old I bought used for $250.

    • bill says:

      Blues Junior order of work, depending on the mods you ordered:

      1. pull knobs
      2. unscrew input jack, speaker/footswitch jacks
      3. pull quick connect wires from power and output transformers
      4. unscrew circuit board
      5. move jack board out of the way
      6. pull circuit board down/out
      7. clip tone stack caps, presence control resistor, bias resistor
      8. desolder cap stubs, resistor stubs, any pots and jacks that need to come out
      9. desolder input jack
      10. drill holes in board for bias trimpot
      11. drill holes in board for power supply stiffening
      12. insert and solder new board components, not line out jack or Clean Boost.
      12a. remove old output transformer, install new OT (if ordered)
      12b. install octal output tube sockets (if ordered)
      13. reinstall circuit board
      14. mark and drill jack and presence control holes (I find it’s easier with the board installed rather than loose, but feel free to interchange these steps).
      15. install presence control
      16. install aux/line out jack(s)
      16a. connect/install ohms switch if applicable
      17. reinstall jack board
      18. install input jack
      19. install Clean Boost
      20 reconnect quick-disconnects, anything else that’s loose.

  26. cgt says:

    I just picked up a 2006 MIM Blues Jr, I’d love to give this mod a shot, but to be honest, I am worrying about electrocution. I used to have an Epi Valve Jr half stack and had a tech do the Bitmo Trio mod on it due to the cautions listed. I was told the amp could hold a charge for a while. I am a complete novice when it comes to electronics, is this something to consider when doing this mod?

  27. Ian Edwards says:

    Dear Bill,
    Holy crap I just did the twinstack mod. It’s amazing! It really evens out dissonant chords in a way that I couldn’t control before. I can hear now that it was some mid-low bass that you couldn’t get rid of before that was causing the problem. Anyways, thanks for the freebie! Greatly looking forward to the kits that I ordered.

  28. Bill,
    Been reading you for a wghile, the new site is grand …
    I have a line on a Blues Jr with intent to make it My Way… whatever that is.
    I have a Fender Supersonic that I love (absurdly loud as it can be), especially since putting a JBL G-125 in it. It’ll surf, it’ll crunch, it’ll sound like a recording amp in any vein I ask it. I have a second G-125 and my thought is that it might go well in the B-jr… if I can get the amp’s tone in that ballpark of a Deluxe/Vibrolux sorta thing. Any suggestions there?

    thanks for all the writing and doing!


    • bill says:

      The basic mods, TwinStack, and presence control will give you much more tonal flexibility. An upgraded output transformer will give you better tone quality. The rest is icing on the cake.

  29. cgt465 says:

    Thanks again Bill, are there any mods that help the Master volume and/or the Pregain volume have some rolloff between zero and 1 or 2? It seems to JUMP right in, very little tweak room if I want to play it quietly.
    Thanks again

    • bill says:

      The volume control is already audio taper, so there’s nothing else you can do to improve the jump-up between 1 and 2. Then again, I can’t imagine why you’d want to set the gain that low. It’s better to control the loudness with the master volume. On my Mod Kits page, I have an audio taper control for the master. It makes the loudness curve much more gradual.

  30. dan smith says:

    Hi Bill i recently got a kit from you,the basic kit for the mim amp and the presence control/twinstack mod and had it fitted by a good local amp tech and the amp initially sounded great but after playing loud was getting interfearance in the notes after you’ve played them.I looked at the phase invertion oscillation atricles and did the lead dress which has helped but i now seem to be getting the sound of the spring reverb in the speaker(rattlin/distortion)which is actually is a marshall reverb that someone who had the amp before me has added,do you think this marshall rev could be the problem??also i changed the speaker to a eminence cannabis rex after reading your articles on speakers because i play mainly jazz either with a ibanez archtop or a tele with a p90,the speaker sounds great,tried it in my hrdlx as well.Since the mods i am getting a amazing amount of bass from the amp and have it turned down to 2/3 on the amp when using neck pickup on either guitar,i wondered if i should be getting so much bass and i know this is causing a lot of vibration within the cab and wondered if this is normal???many thanks.Dan.

    • bill says:

      Are your tubes fresh? 50Hz hum (UK) is often caused by worn preamp tubes. 100Hz is more often worn output tubes or old filter capacitors. The mods give you a LOT more bass. I like bass. 🙂

  31. David Pokotylo says:

    I intend to do the mod using the pot jumper wir, but am wondering how much length I should leave on the bent piece that goes in the eyelet?
    You note “not longer than the eyelets’ depth” — we talking 1-2 mm here?
    Looking forward to doing this as my first mod on the amp!

  32. Pasi says:

    Just did the mod and wow! The change is just radical!
    Thank You a lot for this mod, now I get as much and little bass as I want to. I was just about to sell this but now this sounds like an angel!
    I had already changed the Celestion Gold in it and warmed the bias of the Sovtek´s to some 75 mV:s and now I don´t have words to describe how great this sweet little amp sounds!
    Hats off to Bill!

  33. Joel P. says:

    Hi Bill,

    After having done almost all of your mods and changed the speaker to a Canabis Rex, I must say the amp sounds wonderful. Since I’m always searching for perfection, is it possible to remove some of low mids from the mid control? In other words, can I narrow the freq band controlled by the mid pot by removing from its bottom? I usually keep the mids at 1-2 to keep a very clean sound but I like the upper midrange fullness when I bring the control up to 4-5 however I find its bottom end too muddy. The Low control is fantastic especially since changing the preamp coupling capacitors do I don’t really wanna bring it down. Thanks!

    • bill says:

      Mids are tricky. The mids cap “drains” midrange tones out of the circuit. A larger cap drains more mids in a broader range. A smaller cap drains fewer mids, but in a narrower range. My tone stack changes the mids cap from .022uF to .015uF. You might want to try a .01uF mids cap.

      You did the TwinStack mod, right? That’s important for removing midbass from the stack.

      • Joel P. says:

        Yes I did the Twinstack mod as well as the presence control, Heyboer OT. Does the mid control have a bell curve or is it essentially linear? I guess what I’m looking for is to raise the center frequency of the mid pot so that it affects fewer low mids. I feel the mid control and the bass control overlap too much, as if the mid control was ‘voiced’ a little too low in the mid-band range. If I were to take what you’re saying to the extreme, what would be left of the mids if you had an extremely small cap on the mid control? Would the mid control do anything? would there be a fixed amount of mids left? Obviously I lack an understanding of electronics… anyway, thanks a lot for your help and your wonderful mod kits. I must have the nicest sounding BJr in town!

        • bill says:

          The mids control “drains” the leftover mids out of the circuit after the bass control is done. A smaller mids cap will leave more mids in the circuit, it will not change the frequency range of the control. A larger mids cap, will drain more bass out of the circuit, however.

  34. dan smith says:

    Hi Bill,i recently emailed you because after the basic mods,presence,reverb taper,twin and tonestack mods,cannabis rex speaker(nice speaker) my mexican bj has too much bass when using my archtop,my tele’s fine but obiously is much brighter,i cant get enough sensitivity in the bass control,i have the bass control set 1-2/2.5 but its a bit of a bass on or bass off kind of thing,Can i do anyting to smooth it out like the reverb taper style?Or lower the bass orange drop value?or have another lower gain input?If so what do you recommend?Regards.Dan.

    • bill says:

      You could put in a .047uF instead of the .1uF bass cap. On the cream board, the bass control is already audio taper, so there’s no further advantage to be gained there. You did the TwinStack mod, right? That pulls out the excess midbass.

  35. Wil says:

    Hello Bill,
    My question is simple :
    I bought the re-cap kit but can’t remove the old caps, they are glued to the board, I read acetone could help but I didn’t tried.
    So how do you proceed for doing that ?
    (Ps : The basic and presence mods are awesome !)

  36. zifir says:

    Hello Bill,

    I have just finished the tonestack and twinstack mods. Honestly, both mods provide significant improvement to the tone. Removing the mid freq completely is the key for blackface era Fender sound. On the other hand overall bass is improved however, I have noticed that the bass knob got partially ineffcicient. The bass pot only works between 0 and 3 and there is no audiable difference between 4 and 12. I was wondering whether it is possible to overcome this problem by replacing the bass pot? If so, what would be the right value.

    Thanks in advance.

  37. MichaelW says:

    Hi Bill,
    Would a snippet of a Paper Clip work in the eyelets of the Mid control for the mod. Great site. I just installed my CR speaker today with a EUROTUBE SRV JJ Tube set.Sounds great. I want to do the Twinstack mod for further tone. I may approach you down the road for you to do a complete mod. Thanks in advance!


  38. Dr. Bob says:

    Just want to add my 2 cents worth in favor of the TwinStack mod. It provides a smooth and much broader range of tonal adjustment than before. Very musically useful.

    I performed the basic mods some time ago, a big improvement, but until I added the TwinStack and the Presence Control mods last weekend I didn’t realize just how great this little amp can sound!

  39. Camus says:

    Hi, when i bought my blues junior it comes with this mod but in the wrong way the bridge is in the center and right mids pot terminals, of course im thinking changing just like yours, but the cuestion is if in that way it caused any damage…sorry for my english, cheers

    • bill says:

      Having the jumper on the wrong terminals won’t hurt anything; it just makes the tone stack work poorly. You can move the jumper to the correct terminals and it will work better.

  40. Waterloo says:

    Just did the mod and think it went well. I’m not a soldering ‘artist’ and some solder has gotten VERY close, but not touching (near as I can tell) the two other contact points that are immediately adjacent. Can I assume that as long as I’m getting sound, all is good? Or should I remove and resolder?

    • bill says:

      The voltage on the tone controls is low, so you won’t have a problem with arcing. An easy way to get a little more room between two blobs of solder is to clean your iron, then run it between the two joints. It picks up some excess solder and melts a little path. If the blobs are large, make sure you don’t leave a solder “bridge” behind. You can take several passes, removing a little more solder each time.

  41. Tesla says:

    It feels like new amp after this simple mod!

  42. Willie says:

    Hi bill,
    This mod was really helpful. Thank you
    Question what’s the difference between your mods and the fromel electronics mods?
    And another question: I want to send you my BJ Chassis so you can do other mods for me but I dnt know how I can go by doing that. Can you help me?

    • bill says:

      The Fromel mods are a ripoff he did of one of my early mods. He offers far fewer mods than I do.

      I’ve emailed you the info about prices and getting your amp modded.

  43. bbqbrisket says:

    HI bill,
    I’m a little confused on the pics here. It says shown it’s done on the cream board.
    I see the first pic is cream but the remaining pics shown, is the soldering iron being used on the green.
    Can you clarify that for me.

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