Super Champ XD

The Fender Super Champ XD has quickly become a hit because of its convincing blackface tone, wide range of amp emulations, and built-in effects. The low price and light weight haven’t hurt, either. The settings on the linked page were gleaned from a variety of contributors as a suggested starting point for a variety of tones and styles.


  1. Larry Stacy says:

    Hi Bill – Glad to see you are doing things with the SCXD. Have you tried any tube swapping yet? I see that these amps are made in China and doubt if the tube quality is all that great. Thanks for a response.

    • bill says:

      JJ and Tung-Sol 6V6s are both better than the stock tubes. The 12AX7 has a minor effect on tone. The Electro Harmonix 12AX7s that were in both of my SCXDs were fine.

  2. Richard Wetzel says:

    I have a Vibro Champ XD for home practice as my B Jr is too loud. I love the Vibro Champ tone, especially the Blackface settings. I wish it was easy to install a DSP bypass.
    I was able to swap out the 8″ stock speaker to a 10″ Jensen Mod. It was an easy fit, with an enlarged baffle board hole, and it sounds great.

    PEACE, Richard

    • bill says:

      If you did a DSP bypass you wouldn’t have much of an amplifier, just a power tube and a driver. The DSP controls all of the functions, including volume, tone, and all the voices. There are no tone or volume controls in the traditional sense; the knobs send their position to the DSP, which creates the proper loudness or tone.

      • Richard Wetzel says:

        Thanks for the insight, good sir! I guess that may be the reason the SCXD uses Blackface 4 voice as the “clean” channel.

        I look forward to seeing what mods you may come up with for the SCXD, and hope some will apply to ‘lil bro.

        I find my 5 watter lacks enough volume for practice situations, but not by very much. I would love to see an OT mod and octal tube 5881 conversion for the VCXD. I would not want a big jump in power if I’d lose the good bedroom volume it has now. Maybe I could swap out the OT in the B Jr if I do your OT upgrade to it?

        Thanks, Richard

        • bill says:

          Single-ended output transformers are constructed differently inside than push-pull transformers. So unfortunately, the BJr OT would not be compatible.

  3. Doug Jones says:

    Any luck finding a replacement PT for the SCXD?

    • bill says:

      No, the only thing you could do if you wanted a high-power transformer for a SCXD is to steal one from a Deluxe VM. It has the same combination of high- and low-voltage windings and is big enough to deliver 40 watts from the 6L6s. Maybe Fender will decide to do a Deluxe XD.

  4. elliot says:

    Morning Bill,

    I’m about to install the chassis of my super champ xd into the cabinet of a princeton 65 that I paid only $60 for on Ebay. Basically I’m in need of a portable combo amp with a fuller sound than achieved with the 10 inch stock speaker incorporated in the SCXD. I’ve wired the stock 12″ speaker directly to the SCXD and I feel and hear a large difference already. I’m psyched about doing this, but I’d hate to loose the fender sound I’ve been so accustomed to for the last 45 years. I think I’d also prefer a little laid back sound compared to the rajun cajun. I’m considering the texas heat or the cannabis rex for the 12″ replacement. I’ve read the fact that these two speakers, with a much larger wattage specification, will not affect the performance specs being played through a 15 watt amplifier. If you think these are good starting points or if you can recommend anything of preference, I’d appreciate your incite.

    On a side note, when going from one modeling number to the next on the scxd, are there large variations in volume if the gain is low?

    Anyways, many thanks for your expertise.

    Be well,


    • bill says:

      I would use a neutral-to-bright speaker like the Red White and Blues or (if you don’t mind the magnet weight) the Swamp Thang.

      The loudness differences are because some of the models have much more gain than the others. If you want gain, you’re going to get a volume increase and you’ll either have to turn down the gain or volume accordingly.

  5. elliot says:

    Afternoon Bill,

    The SCXD/Princeton merger went well with only minor surgery. Larger fuller sound and still very portable. Thanks for your incite.

    Question: Is it possible to add an additional speaker to an already 8ohm load with the Eminence in the cabinet? Paralleling any additional 8ohm load will total to 4 and that’s not healthy for the amp itself, correct? Wiring in series will lose its efficiency and tonal qualities as well I understand. There’s no way to use the internal 8ohm in conjunction with anything else is there?

    Did I answer all of my own questions?

    Thanks and be well,

  6. rolijen says:

    After having Tried several 12″ speakers in my custom JD Newell SCXD cabinet, my absolute favorite is the Eminence Red, White and Blues. It’s just perfect for the SCXD. There are many other good speakers but none that retain that magic sparkle like this one that so characterizes blackface Fender ampa. Don’t let the high wattage rating scare you away. This speaker reacts to all the subtleties and nuances. I love it.

  7. Chris says:

    Dear Bill,

    i am very interested in the new TO20 OT you sell, i want to use it for my SCXD.
    Can you recommend this OT for the SCXD? And should i also exchange some other parts surrounding the OT in the amps layout?
    Power Caps or something?

    Buying this transformer for use in europe (230V) shouldn’t be a problem, as it’s got nothing to to with the power transformer, right?

    Thank you!

    • bill says:

      The TO20 works fine in an SCXD. There’s no need to change anything else. It’s compatible with all mains voltages.

  8. Stephen Douglas says:

    Why didn’t Fender include a footswich for channel switching for the Super Champ XD and what kind is it?

    • bill says:

      It’s a proprietary footswitch with resistors and diodes inside to make it work with a standard mono guitar or speaker cable.