7Finally, a contact page!

First, read the FAQs, please. These questions pertain exclusively to the DIY kits orders.

0. How do I order?
The mods kits and services tab in the blue menu above.

1. I have not received a confirmation of my order, besides my paypal receipt.
I wish I could respond to each order with sincere thanks and, better yet, a discussion of the ordered components and if each is right for your intended application. However, I’m currently working alone and have to spend my time building or assembling the kits. Paypal will protect your purchase and every customer will receive every ordered part or–if preferred–a refund. If paypal issued you a receipt, I received the same information. There are scores of orders per day and I need to spend my time soldering, not emailing (I also spend about six hours eating or sleeping. I’ve tried cutting that out, but it just makes things worse).

2. I ordered yesterday and don’t have a shipping notification.
This isn’t a retail site in the sense of Amazon: There is no stock; each kit is crafted to order.

3. I’d like to place a rush on my order.
I’m sorry, this isn’t a service I offer.
3.5. But my amp is disassembled now!
Please don’t disassemble your amplifier until your order arrives.

4. What is the shipping cost of items X, Y and Z to location Tango?
The paypal checkout will auto-calculate it before you complete your payment.

I am as excited as you are to get your amplifier modded. I want every Blues Jr, Princeton, Super Champ or Excelsior to have the improvements dad and I have put years of our lives into developing. If I don’t immediately respond regarding new business, I am simply swamped and will get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

All paypal claims are refunded. It is a payment platform and not a useful form of communication.

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New! Shop Phone (call or text):

[(551) 258-3757]

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