My Blues Junior Amp Stands

A number of people have expressed interest in the amp stands I made for servicing Blues Juniors. This design is probably overkill for most owners, but a simplified version would serve you well.

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The pillars hold 10-32 screws with homemade “knobs” — a faucet washer held on by a nut. I made the left pillar out of aluminum because my stands get a lot of use and I wanted it to be strong. It also has a steel rod, with a bushing so I can stop the amp in various positions. You probably don’t need that.

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Above, the chassis mounting tab hits the steel rod, holding it in a vertical position.

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Or by moving the rod in farther, the transformer rests against it, holding it at an angle. It can also hold the chassis flat. I use a 10-32 screw with a big, knurled knob on the other end, and if I need some interim position not covered by the stops, I can tighten it down, pulling the right side of the chassis against the upright, locking it in place.

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