Help! Somebody Spilled Beer in my Amp!

Beer and amps don’t mix!

The problem is that as the beer dries and the amp cooks the residue, it becomes sticky, conductive sugars. They can eventually short out and cause arcing. So even a little on the circuit board can be future trouble. You have to treat it just like a laptop computer that’s had a drink spilled on it.

Here’s what I would do:

Pull the circuit board. Wash it with deionized water to remove all beer traces. Use a soft brush around leads and such. Follow with fresh ispropryl alcohol, which will absorb trace amounts of water and evaporate with no residue. Blow the board dry with warm (not hot) from a hair dryer or vacuum cleaner.

If the drink got down into the tube sockets, do them, too. Clean the underside of the tube board, as well.

You can go two ways with the pots:

1. Wash the pots with D.I. water and then blow them out with WD-40 (the WD stands for water dispersant; it was originally designed for electrical and mechanical components that got wet.) Use a small squirt bottle to keep the water in the pot; you don’t want to wash out the grease around the shaft.

2. Skip the water. Spray with WD-40, then contact cleaner/lube.

Good luck with it.

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