Excelsior and Excelsior Pro Live on at Billm Audio

Fender has discontinued its Excelsior and Excelsior Pro, but we’re continuing the Excelsior and Ex.Pro tone control. It easily replaces that funky little switch with greater range and smoother tone, plus a pull-up switch that bypasses all tone components and gives you the amp’s unique raw tone. We’ll also endeavor to bring the tremolo depth control to production. All the engineering is done; we just have to make the instructions as bulletproof as possible. I’ve designed both mods to be strictly on the top of the circuit board; no resistors or capacitors need to be removed.

Remember, either the TO20 or TO20B output transformer fits perfectly and improves sound quality, especially bass perfomance.

Here’s a testimonial from one of our new customers:

Got my order yesterday and installed it today. Good God, this amp came alive! I had previously retubed with JJs and couldn’t really hear much improvement, although some. I like the tone all the way down, middle and all the way up. It’s like I bought a new amp! Thanks for your product.



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