Introducing: The TO20B Output Transformer

David Allen and I have been working on a premium-quality output transformer for well over a year. We have developed a new bifilar-wound unit (the center tap is not only the center of the number of turns but also exactly one half of the total resistance) with improved bass response. We’re calling it the TO20B because its specs are the same as the TO20, but it is a different design internally. It is a more “hi-fi” approach than our old school/vintage style TO20. Like the TO20, it uses the more-efficient, grain-oriented M-6 lamination steel, has pretinned leads, and, of course, is made in the U.S.A. The TO20, with its more vintage-oriented layered winding, stays in the lineup.

The TO20B features an electro tin plated finish. Rated 6,600 ohms primary to 8 ohms secondary, it is ideal for a 2xEL84 or a 2x6V6 amplifier using an 8 ohm speaker load. It’s the same physical size and weight as the current TO20 unit. With 2-13/16″ mounting centers it is a perfect upgrade for many popular amps and drops right into the Blues Junior, Princeton Reverb, Pro Junior, the Excelsior, some old Gibsons and others. Read more…

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