New Power Transformer for 30W of Blues Junior Goodness

Billm Audio’s ongoing collaboration with David Allen of Allen Amplification pays off again–a real upgrade power transformer! The new TP24 power transformer fits exactly and addresses a number of Blues Junior modification issues:

  1. More heater power for octal conversions. While it’s not necessary for 6V6 output tubes, it’s essential for getting full power from the 5881 or 6L6GC.
  2. More plate voltage. An additional 30-40 volts of B+ provides more headroom without exceeding the 400 volt rating of the coupling capacitors.
  3. More reserve power. There’s lots of current on tap for a powerful, effortless sound.
  4. Designed for the Blues Junior’s bridge rectifier power supply and includes the bias/solid state winding.
  5. Cooler running under load, no overload or sag issues, as you would get with the stock PT and 5881s or 6L6s.

Click for larger image.

As you can see, the TP24 has nearly twice as much core as the stock power transformer and has an internal bell end for maximum hum protection. The TP24 benefits any Blues Junior, but it delivers the most with 5881s or 6L6s when paired with the TO26 output transformer.

New video: Here’s a link to a demonstration of the TP24 with EL84s. The higher voltage brings out the glassy nature of the EL84s, which the Blues Junior otherwise masks. The presence and sparkle controls help you dial back if you find it a bit too aggressive: Billm Blues Junior with TP24 and EL84s

New! The bias board gives you proper bias regulation for all octal tubes with the higher voltages produced by the TP24.

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