May ’16

Sorry, all. We’ve been very busy with dad’s worsening health issues.
If your amp was here for mods, it should be modded and home by now.
If your amp is here for repairs, it’ll be here a little longer.
If you’ve ordered kits and haven’t cancelled, they will be shipping shortly.
Thanks for your patience.

I expect to reopen the shop for new business next month.

News for January

I will be out of the shop from January 15th – 31st. Sadly, I’ll have to close the shop during that time and the web store will also be offline (starting before that date). The Billm Audio web store will not reopen until the current backlog of orders and amplifiers has been filled: I am loath to provide an estimate.

It seems Fender may have discontinued the snap-in 50k audio taper potentiometer. This item will likely become unavailable from our shop until we can engineer something to provide you the same enhancement.

Happy New Year, and thanks for being Billm tone patrons!

Good News/Bad News!

The good news is that Bill is back in the shop!!
The bad news is that he and I have to dedicate our time to diagnosing and repairing three seemingly impossibly-problematic amplifiers.

This is causing a significant delay to kit production and amp modification. Please be aware of the following:
All non-disputed orders will be filled.
All disputed orders will be refunded.
Tech questions and inquiries about amp mod services will–eventually–all be responded to.

There’s nothing we’d prefer to ensuring you all have access to the best tone your amps can produce.

Thanks, all. Your patience is a blessing!


Bill is out of the shop and Andrew is currently our one-man-band. While he works on months-old amplifier mod services, expect a delay in kit shipments.
We appreciate your understanding and patience!

Wrong Trimpot in Basic Mods Kit

Our distributor sent us an unknown number of the wrong bias adjust trimpots for the basic mods kit, both cream and green. They’re supposed to be 50K, but the incorrect ones are 5K. The correct ones are marked, Y 503; the incorrect ones are marked, Y 502. We believe the majority of them went out August 5, 2015.

Please inspect your basic mods kit and let us know if you have the incorrect trimpot we will replace it immediately. The trimpot on the right, Y 503, is the correct one.

y502 vs y503-1

Fender returns to green circuit board on Blues Junior!

The new material is shiny green but otherwise identical to cream board Series III.

The new material is shiny green but otherwise identical to cream board Series III.

There goes the distinction between the older circuit design (green board, 1995-2000) and the new layout (cream colored, 2001 to present). The photo below is a new Series III Blues Junior, but with a green, transparent circuit board. The components and layout are identical to all the cream-colored boards. You can see the Series III faceplate at the top.

This will doubtless cause some confusion among “old green” and “new green” owners, but as long as it was built after 2000, the existing cream board mods work properly.

Excelsior and Excelsior Pro Live on at Billm Audio

Fender has discontinued its Excelsior and Excelsior Pro, but we’re continuing the Excelsior and Ex.Pro tone control. It easily replaces that funky little switch with greater range and smoother tone, plus a pull-up switch that bypasses all tone components and gives you the amp’s unique raw tone. We’ll also endeavor to bring the tremolo depth control to production. All the engineering is done; we just have to make the instructions as bulletproof as possible. I’ve designed both mods to be strictly on the top of the circuit board; no resistors or capacitors need to be removed.

Remember, either the TO20 or TO20B output transformer fits perfectly and improves sound quality, especially bass perfomance.

Here’s a testimonial from one of our new customers:

Got my order yesterday and installed it today. Good God, this amp came alive! I had previously retubed with JJs and couldn’t really hear much improvement, although some. I like the tone all the way down, middle and all the way up. It’s like I bought a new amp! Thanks for your product.



Billm Audio is Back in Business!

May 5, 2015 Update: Billm Audio is open for business again! Thanks to my son Andrew’s heroic efforts, we have cleaned up the backlog, and all but a few kits have been sent. I’m about to start a new series of cancer treatments, but I’m told these will not be debilitating, unlike the previous ones.

We haven’t reopened the comments pages yet, but will shortly. I still have several amps that are here for modification or repair, but I’m working on them as quickly as possible.

Andrew and I thank our loyal fans, and we look forward to working with all our present and future customers.

– Bill